7 Saints Considered to be the Patron Saints of Sailors

7 Saints Considered to be the Patron Saints of Sailors

In the Catholic faith or doctrine, we have saints and also patron saints. These are highly blessed persons who lived a life of righteousness on Earth, thus holds strong significance in the Catholic church. The patron saints are often considered the most special and blessed, and often chosen as intercessors with God. Today we will be talking about patron saints of sailors, as the sea is a treacherous environment and often taken many lives of sailors. In the Catholic Church, there are 7 patron saints who will fits fine as the patron of sailors, let’s dive in.

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Saint Brendan

Saint Brendan is often regarded as the most popular of all Patron Saints, and known for his Gaelic name Brénaind. He was born in 484 AD in Celtic, Scotland, and popularly known for his heroic and legendary voyages in the Atlantic Ocean. He later grow up in Contae Luimnigh which is now called County Limerick, where he studied under Abbot St. Jarlath of Tuam. He’s also regarded as “Brendan the Navigator” because of his legendary voyage to the Isle of the Blessed, where he was later immortalized in the mythical Christian tale of sea adventure, Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis (“Voyage of St. Brendan the Abbot”).

History has it that most of his travels on the Atlantic were with other monks where they reached the climax of their adventure called “Promised Land of Saints” which is known today as the Isle of the Blessed. This tales has made St. Brendan on of the most popular patron saints of sailors.

Prayer to Saint Brendan

Oh, Saint Brendan, patron saint of sailors,

Guide us through the vastness of the sea,

Protect us from storms and danger,

Lead us safely to our destination.

In your footsteps, we find courage and faith,

May your intercession bring us peace and hope.


Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicolas of Myra was born in Turkey, and often regarded as one the most famous of all patron saints. Many might know him with his popular name “Santa Claus”. He’s a lover of kids, a sailor and also the patron saint of Christmas, and in modern days, we often celebrate him alongside the Christmas festive seasons. In his early age, he lost his both parents, and he gave almost all his inheritance to the poor, sick and the needy, thus, the reason why he was called “Santa Claus”.

He’s also called the patron saints of children, and widely regarded as the patron saint of sailors due to his voyage and adventures in the Oceans. His mark and symbols have been left for centuries in almost all ports in Greece, which is surrounded by ex-votos of small ships made of silver or carved of wood. Due to his adventures, sailors have adapted him as the first person to look up to in times of trouble, which leads to the popular saying “May St. Nicholas hold the tiller”.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas

Dear Saint Nicholas, protector of sailors,

Watch over us as we navigate the treacherous waters,

Grant us safe passage on our voyages,

Guide us with your loving presence.

May your intercession protect us from harm,

And bring us blessings on our maritime journeys.


Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher previously known as Reprobus is another patron saint whose life was something to emulate. He existed around 251 AD, and was venerated as not only patron saint but also a martyr. He is one of the most popular saints, and regarded by many as the patron saint of travelers due to his legendary journey during 3rd-century under Roman emperor Decius reign.

History has it that St Christopher, was a giant Canaanite who was feared by many, and sought to serve the great king of Canaan. Never did he know he was serving the devil, but one day, he discovered that even the devil feared God, and that was when he decides to chose God over devil. He later met a hermit who instructed him on the Christian faith and figured out how best to serve Christ. Due to his height, he decides to aid people in crossing the river, and this act of him have led many to call him the patron saints of sailors.

Prayer to Saint Christopher

Oh, Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers,

Be our guide on the roads we travel,

Protect us from perils and accidents,

Lead us safely to our destinations.

In your intercession, we find strength,

May your presence bring us peace and protection.


Saint Clement

Saint Clement was born in Rome, and the 3rd successor to the Saint Peter. He’s also the first apostolic father and pope of the church, thus given the name Pope Clement 1, and existed in the 1st century. He is regarded as the patron saint of mariners due to his traveling tales, though many details were not accounted for in any books. He later died by drowning with an anchor wrapped around his neck. This anchor became his symbol, a symbol of hope.

Prayer to Saint Clement

Saint Clement, patron saint of mariners,

Intercede for us in times of turbulence,

Protect us from the fury of the seas,

Guide us through the stormy waters of life.

May your steadfast faith inspire us,

And your symbol of hope anchor our souls.


Saint Elmo

Saint Elmo, also called Erasmus of Formia was one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and a Bishop of Formia, Italy. He existed during the time when Emperor Diocletian was persecuting Christians, and went far along the history books due to his unwavering endurance and hope despite undergoing severe torture at that time. He later died around 303 AD, after suffering from plenty of excruciating punishments. He was buried, with his intestines wrapped around a windlass. This act made him to be venerated as the patron saint of sailors and abdominal pain.

Prayer to Saint Elmo

Dear Saint Elmo, patron saint of sailors,

Amidst the challenges of the sea, be our guide,

Lead us through the darkest nights and roughest waters,

Keep us safe from harm and bring us home.

In your example of endurance, we find courage,

May your intercession strengthen our spirits.


Saint Francis of Paola

Saint Francis of Paola was a born around 1416 in Rome, Italy. He was a Catholic friar who had taken vow into poverty and selflessness. He also founded the Order of the Minims which focused more about penance, charity, and humility. He also performed miracles, healed the sick, and had the gift of prophesy.

Legends had it that he was never ordained a priest, and also followed the footsteps of Francis of Assisi who is also a patron saint. He spent most of his last days in France under the King Louis XI of France. Upon arriving in France, he healed many sick and performed miracles. This has led him to be venerated as the patron saints mariners and sailors. He later passed at age 91 in the year 1507, on after many years of service to the King Louis’ heir in Charles VIII. He was later canonized by Pope Leo X in 1519, which was 12 years after his death.

Prayer to Saint Francis of Paola

Oh, Saint Francis of Paola, patron saint of mariners,

Guardian of those who sail the seas,

Protect us during our maritime endeavors,

Guide us through the challenges we face.

May your miracles inspire acts of charity,

And your wisdom illuminate our paths.


Saint Phocas the Gardener

Saint Phocas, also know as St. Phocas the Gardener was a martyr and also patron saint. He lived a remarkable life and was later faced with severe persecution from Emperor Diocletian. St Phocas was born in Sinop, Turkey around 303 AD. His intriguing tale surrounding him was the story of his death. When Emperor Diocletian sent out his executors to hunt down Christians, Phocas was inclusive. When they got to his house, they asked about Phocas, and then he promised to give them the true identity of the Phocas they were looking for in the morning. Later that evening, after welcoming the executors, they fed and slept, Phocas took up a shovel and began digging his own grave. In the morning, he told them he was the Phocas they were looking for, and urged them kill him.

This explains his picture of his image, where he held a shovel on one hand, and then on the other hand, flowers and fruits. He’s also considered by many as the patron saint of sailors, gardens, and seeds.

Prayer to Saint Phocas the Gardener

Blessed Saint, Patron of Sailors,

Guide us through life’s tumultuous sea,

Like a beacon in the darkest hours,

Lead us to safety and serenity.

Grant us the wisdom to sow seeds of kindness,

To nurture love and compassion with care,

May our hearts be gardens of goodness,

Blooming with virtues beyond compare.

Oh, Saint Phocas, hear this humble plea,

Intercede for us, we beseech thee,

Through your prayers, may we find peace,

And in tending to our souls, may we find release.


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